Minus 5 Ice Bar

Minus 5 Ice Bar
Midtown, NYC
Construction Manager/Constructor
Completion Date:
Under Construction
As Constructor, MDG was hired Minus 5 Ice Bar to build their first NYC location at the Hilton Hotel Midtown.

The Minus 5° Ice Bar will open soon in New York City. The bar will be built completely of ice, with ice tables and chairs, ice walls, ice bars and rails, and even handmade drinking glasses made of ice, created and shipped frozen from New Zealand. Everything is kept within 23 F. Rounding out the experience will be a state-of-the-art sound and LED light show.

The Hilton site will take about ten weeks to build, starting with perimeter walls, then adding ice sculptures and benches. The New York bar will have a 1940s theme, including King Kong hanging from an ice Empire State Building, swatting down planes.

Manlyn has been working in concert with Minus 5 and the Hilton Midtown to ensure this project’s timely completion.